Blog Goals

My goal here is to share the generosity of spirit that binds artists of all disciplines and hopefully inspire those that need bolstering in our often isolated social landscape. Myself included. WordPress feels like a decent platform to practice my craft as I focus more on creative non-fiction. Tell stories and string sentences together. Maybe connect with like minded humans and see if progressive collaborations result. That would be rad.

Most of the posts to start with will be archived interviews, previously published on other platforms. I also wrote a best-selling guidebook in Calgary and you can read a review from the College of Family Physicians (?!) right here. I’m still trying to locate an old conversation with Ang Lee for FFWD weekly in Calgary. Sadly, the magazine closed a few years ago, but I’ll be in the city next month and hope to find an old copy of it at the library. Fingers crossed. *UPDATE: found it.

If any of what you see here resonates, please get in touch.