All the newness

Yowza, poor neglected blog. I can’t believe it’s been almost two months.  2018 is off to a rip roaring start.

I’ve been thinking about what direction to steer this. Right now, it feels right to share some personal reflections on my creative life. If connections and possibilities arise, fantastic.

IMG_9368Ten minutes from our door. So flipping grateful. Roberta McDonald photo 

We moved house from the dizzying busy-ness of Cambie and Eighth to the calm and birdsong of Kitsilano. I didn’t realize just how loud and abrasive our old location was until we woke up to the sound of silence. The jumpiness and heart palpitations I thought were normal have subsided. Long walks by the water are resetting my system.

I completed a small business program and formally launched my writing service. I’m even getting savvy with spreadsheets. Wonder of wonders.

We took a quick trip to San Francisco and I had an epiphany about my spiritual life. I no longer need to contort myself in order to belong. I’ve spent too many years trying to please others and behave in comfortable ways to make everyone else feel okay. What a relief to let that go.

I didn’t make any new years resolutions this year, just a general intention to let s**t go. So far it’s been tremendously liberating.

Review: A Better Man

*Warning, this post contains descriptions of domestic violence*

There’s a movement, growing more robust by the day, away from silence and shame towards dialogue and revelation. As survivors of abuse and harassment begin sharing their stories, connections are formed and isolation is replaced with community and hope. It’s messy as the social landscape is shifting and changing in myriad ways.

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Catastrophe, Memory, Reconciliation

My background in arts journalism compels me to full disclosure: this post focuses on how my partner Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo has had a quiet influence on my creative growth. I’m fully immersed in this for obvious reasons and there is no assumption of impartiality. Just so we’re clear. The title is borrowed (with permission of course) from the name of his current show, which is on view until September 9th at Latitude 53 in Edmonton. The essay I wrote to accompany his show follows.  Continue reading