The Road Forward

in mid-June, I had the chance to sit down with the accomplished and gracious filmmaker Marie Clements at the Vancouver NFB studios. Spoiler alert: she’s rad.

Her film the Road Forward fuses activism, historical context, and rock opera in a singular way. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.


She was radiant, soft spoken and eloquent and I found myself wishing we could be friends. In hindsight, I came off gushy. I cringed while transcribing the interview.

Over the 15 years that I’ve had the opportunity to be in conversation with people, the process of transcription has often been a source of dismay. An interview I thought had gone tremendously well will sound disjointed and awkward on tape. Or, horror of horrors, that exquisitely insightful thing the person said isn’t anything close to a complete sentence and is therefore unusable.

In Marie’s case, she spoke so beautifully about a variety of subjects that I only wish I had given her more space to speak. Her commitment to the story of the Native Voice and the ongoing struggles of First Nations communities in Canada is an inspiration. The full preview and interview is on

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