Spawning Spectacle: Nettie Wild

I had the opportunity to meet with activist filmmaker Nettie Wild in her Mt. Pleasant office, and I was struck by her articulate vision and gusto. Her presence left me with goosebumps after our wide ranging interview. 

Here is an excerpt of our conversation. For the full text, please refer to

“Through art, we’re able to create a cinematic experience that is complex. It’s not a lecture. It scoops people up viscerally and takes them to what we hope will be a very delicious place for their eyes and for their ears.”

Her gusto for the potential in art to engage communities and foster connection is palpable as she talks about sustainability and the beloved BC salmon. “In these times, which are very controversial as we know, especially around this bigger project we all have which is to create a more sustainable planet and economy, art has a huge role to play,” she says. “A wack of the tail is carving the water into sculpture and the bubbles are turning into this amazing chrome like beauty. You can see the eyeball of the fish move. That action, that wonder, is revealed.”

UNINTERRUPTED plays all summer underneath the Cambie Bridge. Go see. IMG_5421

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